Pet Sitter Alison McPhee

Pets, Homes and Gardens Petworth and Midhurst is run by Alison McPhee, who has lived in West Sussex all her life. Alison has always had pets including cats and dogs and currently has a tortoise which is older than her and a faithful cat, Tiggy (pictured with Alison).

pet sitting and day care petworthAlison says, “I love sharing my home with pets and appreciate how important they are to us as they are very valued members of any family.” She also understands the great lengths owners will go to, to ensure their pets are always in a loving, caring and safe environment.

Of course, being a pet owner, Alison has experienced the tricky dilemma of what to do when away from home. “I used to ask friends and neighbours who were happy to help with pet care and I’d return the favour. However, when I moved to a different part of West Sussex and didn’t know many people in the area I contacted Pets, Homes and Gardens myself and was so pleased with the services they were able to provide I have used them time and time again.

My pets were able to stay at home in their own environment and have their normal routine, plus the house was checked in my absence, plants watered, bins put in and out and the mail collected.”

pet sitting kidsgroveAlison is very pleased that she is now able to offer the same professional, high class service she experienced, plus a bespoke house sitting service, whether you have pets or not which is added security for any property in the owners absence.

Alison says, “Being part of the PHG team, I am able to offer a tailor-made service to suit you and your pets and homes down to every little detail, whether it be in your home or mine. What could be better? I get to look after a variety of different animals and the owners can relax having peace of mind that their pets and property are safe whilst they are away.”

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