Home Cat Sitting And Visits

As all owners know, cats are very territorial animals and enjoy a lifestyle of luxury and pampering within their own home. I ensure that through regular visits and offering them company and individual care, they can continue to be happy in their own environment, enjoying familiar routines during the times that you are unable to look after them.

home cat sitting and visits XXXXXXAlison is happy to visit your home on a regular basis during your absence, attending to your cat’s needs such as feeding, playing and interaction, letting them in and out, keeping litter trays fresh, whilst also checking on their safety.

And as a complimentary part of her visits, she will also carry out all the following services:

  • Home safe & secure checks
  • Post collection
  • Open and close curtains
  • Lights on/off
  • Put bins out
  • Water indoor plants

Plus for that extra peace of mind, she can also provide you with regular ‘all well’ updates via text or email so you always know everything is fine at home.

To get further details of the services Alsion provides or to arrange a free consultation, please either phone or use the contact form provided.

Safe & Familiar Home + Loving Care = Contented Cat

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