My Dog Walking

Dogs, regardless of age or size, require regular exercise to maintain their health and their ‘joie de vivre’. Their natural energy needs to be expressed by stimulating outdoor activity, otherwise it can lead to boredom and sometimes this leads to behavioural issues.

So, for whatever reason, if you are finding it difficult to manage the daily dog walks, we are more than happy for you to use our services either on an ad-hoc or regular basis. We are able to offer one-to-one dog walks either following their eaxct walking routine or offering an exciting change of location – we understand that no two dogs are the same.

Importantly, we never ‘mass’ walk dogs as you sometimes see, all straining and growling, but instead walk your dog (or dogs) individually as we believe this is best for your animal and is the quality of service we want to provide.

As an alternative, if your dog likes social interaction with others, we can walk your pet with our own dog following an introductory period to ensure that you and your dog are comfortable with the arrangement.

For safety, we always walk all dogs on a lead unless you have given us consent and are happy for them to be walked off lead.


Loving environment + care + exercise = happy dog

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