Other Pets

Other Pets

At PHG we have experience in looking after a huge numeber of different types of pet, including:

  • Goldfish and exoctic fish
  • Geckos, lizards, salamanders, iguana, and snakes
  • Hamsters, gerbils, guinea-pigs, mice, rats and chinchillas
  • Parrots, budgeries, canaries, cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, and other caged birds
  • Ferrets and hedgehogs
  • Turtles and tortoises
  • Hermit crabs and other crustaceans
  • Newts, frogs, and toads
  • Poultry, sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas and other livestock
  • Ants, spiders, praying mantis, and even a stick insect once!

other pets



To find out if we can help with your pet, please use the contact form provided, or alternatively if you would like to discuss your exact requirements in more detail or arrange a free consultation, please call us.

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